Does your Home Smell?

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Does your home smell?  Do you know one of the biggest reasons buyers will not buy your home is because of the smell?  Make sure you get rid of the pet odor before you put your home up for sale.  Here are some tips you can use to help depet your home’s pet odor? 

  • Make sure you get rid of all pet hair by using a really good machine to pick it up.  Bissell makes a Pet Hair Eraser and Spot cleaner that will remove pet hair and stains from carpet and upholstery.  Don’t forget if you are staging your home with your own furniture you will need to not only vacuum but you can use sticky sheets which are big, adhesive sheets that will pick up everything on your upholstery.
  • Pet hair and odor can accumulate on lamp shades and drapes, so be sure to wash them.
  • You can find spots on the floor by purchasing a battery-powered ultraviolet light.  These lights will show you everywhere your pet has peed, sprayed or vomited.  Mark them with masking tape to be sure to get those troubled areas.
  • Sometimes you will not be able to clean up the pet odor because the odor and hair is trapped beneath the carpeting that is when you should just replace the carpeting and sub flooring.   
  • To clean up your hardwoods and hard surfaces from urine you can use a chemical deodorizer and cleaner, and then scrub them with citrus from lemons and oranges as pets do not like the smell of citrus.  If you still have an odor problem you may need to seal, varnish or repaint the surface.
  • If you have stains on your walls that are stubborn, wash and repaint them with a non-VOC paint.  You may have to tear out and replace some drywall to get rid of some stubborn animal scent. 
  • When replacing your home’s furnace or air-condition filter dap several dropped of lavender oil or patchouli essential oil that you can purchase from your local health food store.  This is a great way to pump a fresh scent through your home rather than lighting candles or using plug in scents.
  • Cleaning out your homes air ducts that can collect animal dander, hair, skin cells, mold and dust that can agitate a sensitive homebuyer is a must.  
  • You can make an inexpensive natural bleach when scrubbing porcelain and grout buy using some dishwashing liquid and white vinegar to remove any stains and take odor out. 
  • When washing animal beds add some baking soda and vinegar along with your detergent to take out pet odor.
  • Another way to clean up indoor air pollution is by using an ozone machine that generates the gas ozone.
  • A clean smell sells.  An apple and cinnamon with some clovers and orange are popular when simmered on your stove, especially with the holidays approaching.




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