Is your lawn ready for winter?

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Is your lawn ready for winter in Michigan?  Yes, it’s that time of year again, summer is gone, the days are getting shorter, leaves are falling off the trees, and the boat is coming out today.  It’s a sad day when the boat comes out, along with the docks.

What do you think of when you hear the word “fall”?   For others its pumpkins, vibrant tree colors, warm sweaters, stacking wood, football…and much more. 

One thing I haven’t paid much attention to is my lawn.  So as the leaves drop and cover my lawn I know I have to get out there and rake my leaves.  Just like people our lawns need to breath.  As I uncover my lawn with the leaves that have fallen I know that my lawn will be healthier as it receives the sunshine for healthy growth and it’s protected from disease damage that can start under those leave.

If there are any bare spots or thinning of grass on my lawn it’s time to encourage new growth with sowing seed in those spots in my lawn. Fertilizing my lawn in the fall after an active summer will give my lawn the fuel that will help it endure the winter season that will keep my lawn’s roots healthy.  And last on my list for my lawn is if it still needs mowing it will need one last cut mowed down low.

So as I get out there and take care of my lawn, I know I will be reward in the spring with a deep root system that will be able to handle the winter season and will be beautiful in the spring.

Don’t forget what you sow.... you will reap!  Happy Fall!


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