What is it like living in a small community?

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Today I wanted to share with you what it is like to live in a small community.  I live on Pine Lake, which is located in Prairieville Township in Plainwell, Michigan.  My friend and neighbor, Jorene Morrow, who lives down the street from me asked me if I would take pictures of the “1st Annual Bike for BUD” event she was hosting in honor of her late husband, Bud Morrow.  

It was an honor to take the photo shoot today as I saw so many friends, family, and neighbors that came out on a cold and rainy morning to ride their bikes around Pine Lake in honor of Bud.

Having the local Prairieville police and fire department escort the ride around the lake made me realize how special it is to live in a small community.  We are so blessed to live in a community that cares about us.  I would like to say, “thank you to all of you that makes our community a great place to live!”


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