Selling your Home in 3 days! Is that really good News?


When putting your house up for sale in today’s market it can sell in 3 days!   Isn’t that what everyone wants?  Well no….Not always as it can be a challenge for many. 

Today, one in four homes that sell the owners are over the age of 65.  Not only is there many years of accumulated “stuff” but there is also an emotional attachment to the home you just sold.  When getting ready to pack, selling your home and moving in 30 days can seem overwhelming to most but when you are over age 65 it isn’t as easy as people seem to think. 

Liquidation of many years of your personal belongings and emotionally letting go of your home means the process of sorting through your years of personal “stuff” in a one or two day estate sale where everything is liquidated if you are planning on downsizing.  It can be not only emotional but physical overwhelming.  Many older adults report that emotionally letting go of their home is the hardest thing they have ever done -- even harder than dealing with the death of a spouse.  

As your Real Estate Profession, we will slow down and allow the extra time needed to discuss your concerns, fears and questions.  By keeping the lines of communication open with all parties involved in your transaction is the key to success.   We will not only give you emotion support but help you avoid potential obstacles that could get in your way.  Our team is ready to offer support and resources to assist you with both the physical and emotional task of moving.

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