Today’s First Time Homebuyer

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Today I wanted to share with you some tips for first time home buyers.  Because interest rates have dropped and homes have become more affordable many of you are ready to buy your first home, or at least you started to think about getting a home. 

With interest rates at record lows now would be a great time to buy your first home but you just have not made that move because you are busy starting off with your new career after finishing your education or you may still be taking classes at night while working full time, or you may be busy raise a family and would like to be in a home rather than renting.  

Planning ahead and educating yourself in what steps you need to take can help you avoid many mistakes first time home buyers make.  It is important to do your homework ahead and know exactly what’s happening in today’s real estate market.

Our team is here to serve and educating you in the home buying process before you jump right in.  We love what we do every day helping people like you.  Because we do this every day 24/7, we want to help you save time and money in your home buying experience.

Next time we will talk about mortgage rates and how much of a house can you afford.  Click on the youtube video to see what 5 mistakes to avoid when buying your first home. 


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